Girl with Flute

Welcome to Flute by Ear where you will find a beginner course and several songs taught completely “by ear.” This allows you to jump over music reading and start playing the instrument you have always loved right away. And, because there is no video to mess with, you learn quickly and with no visual steps in between so that your ear-playing skills develop while you learn. This “by ear” approach has been used for centuries to create natural musicians instead of page-bound “band-members” who can only play what is written for them. Lately, science has shown that “by ear” playing is almost identical to spoken language as far as the brain is concerned. This is way playing “by ear” seems so natural. (See Johns Hopkins Article Link Below!)

So, look around the website and try some lesson samples just to hear how easy it is to learn to play this way. We hope you will find a course or song you are willing to try and launch yourself into a new way of thinking about the flute – a natural extension of who you are.

Music/Language link article